The Kerala State Lottery Welfare Fund Board consists of four official members and seven unofficial members. The four members are the Tax Secretary, Additional Secretary to the Department of Finance, Additional Secretary of Labor, and State Lottery Director. The seven unofficial members are appointed on the basis of government order to represent the people from the lottery industry. One of the unofficial members is appointed by the government order as chairman of the Board of Eleven Members.

Structure of Office
State Lottery Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Welfare Board. An officer of the “District Lottery Officer rank” has been appointed as the State Lotteries Welfare Officer to assist the Chief Executive Officer. Under him, there are two clerks, one head office and one office attendant. An officer in the rank of Assistant District Lottery Officer is the District Welfare Officer. Under him, 14 district welfare offices, including a clerk and one office attendant, are also functioning at the district centers.

State Office

Shri S. Shanavas I.A.S
(Chief Executive Officer)

Shri S. Canasious
(State Welfare Officer)

Shri S. Sanjayakumar
(Nodal Officer)

Shri P. R. Jayaprakash


Official members of the Welfare Board

Minhaj Alam I A S
(Secretary, Tax department)

Shri S. Shanavas I A S
(Director of State Lotteries)

Smt Shobhana. S
(Additional Secretary, Finance Department)

Shri Mohanakumar K. P
(Additional Secretary, Labor department)


Unofficial Members of Welfare Fund Board

Shri V. S. Mani

Shri. M. K. Balakrishnan

Shri P. M. Jamaal

Shri T. B. Subair

Shri. V. Balan

Shri Philip Joseph