Note on Kerala State Lottery Agents and Lottery sellers Welfare Fund Board:

  1. Kerala State Lottery Agents and sellers Welfare Fund Board was established for the social and economic upliftment of state lottery agents and salesmen as per the Kerala State Lottery Agents and sellers Welfare Fund Act of the Kerala State Lottery Agents and Sellers, 2008.
  2. There are eleven members in the Welfare Fund Board of State lottery agents and sellers, including four official members and seven unofficial members. Four official members include Tax Department Secretary, Additional Secretary to Finance, Additional Secretary to Labor Department and State Lottery Director. Seven persons appointed by the government order representing the position of state lotteries agents and sellers are regarded as informal members. One of the seven non-official members is appointed by the government as the chairman of the board.
  3. The Director of State Lotteries Department is the Chief Executive Officer of the State Lotteries Welfare Fund Board. Under him functions a Head office headed by State Lottery Welfare Fund Officer (District Lottery Officer appointed on other service provision by Lottery Department), 14 State Welfare fund Offices headed by 14 District Lottery Welfare Officers (Assistant District Lottery Officers appointed on other service provision by Lottery Department) .
  4. The Welfare Fund Act conditions for the government’s contribution to the welfare fund as per the total turnover of Kerala State Lottery. Accordingly, the government is allocating one percent of the total turnover of Kerala lottery towards the promotion of the state lotteries and sellers through the welfare scheme.
  5. Lottery agent / seller who purchases and sells the state lottery tickets for the amount of 10,000 Rs per month or 30,000 Rs quarterly can subscribe to the welfare fund by paying 50 / – per month and subsequently retain the membership by paying ——— Rs. 50 / – per month.
  6. There are at present over 50,000 members in the Welfare Fund Board which has commenced with 2,000 members.
  7. An amount of up to Rs. 3000 / – per annum for members of Welfare Fund for treatment assistance, 20,000 / – as special treatment scheme for those members undergoing treatment of serious diseases, Rs. 5000/-  to women members of welfare fund as maternity assistance scheme, Rs.5,000 for marriage assistance Scheme,  scholarship scheme upto Rs.25,000 / – for the children of the members pursuing higher studies, to provide educational awards for the children of members acquiring high marks in SSLC and HSC exams, posthumous financial assistance scheme for the dependents of those with natural death with ——and with Rs. 1,00,000 for those with accidental death. Along with this, pensions, family pension, pension for diseased person are also granted as per Welfare fund notification.
  8. Benefits were sanctioned to Welfare Fund Members at the rate of Rs.22 crore in 2011-12, Rs 6.00 crore in 2012-13, Rs 7.08 crore in 2013-14, Rs 10.02 crore in 2014-15 and Rs 14.4 crore in 2015-16. In the year 2016-17, 23 crores of rupees were sanctioned in total. An amount of र 17 crores was sanctioned to members and pensioners in the Onam allowance section 2016 according to Government Order.